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Angelia is my oldest granddaughter. She will turn 13 in May and lives in northern California, in the Santa Cruz mountains. She loves to make art of all kinds, horses, and loves to swim and play tennis. She is in 8th grade and moved into a new home with her momma Lexi, my oldest daughter. She also loves her wonderful dog, Toots!

Harper Clare Bear is a jewel. This picture is at her 4th birthday party (she is 6 now) where she had many friends over for her first Tea Party birthday celebration. She and her sister, Sage live in Colorado and get to play in the snow in the winter time. Her cousin, Angel lives in California, so she has to drive to the snow in Lake Tahoe to play in the snow!

Sage is the youngest of my granddaughters. She is 4 yars old, and will turn 5 in August, just in time to start kindergarten. She keeps her mom, Jordana, hopping. Some would call her a challenge, a pistol, and a wonder! We love her sweet brown curls and she loves her big sister Harper very much.


Harper Clare

Sage Isabella

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